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Halloween Parade 2020

We pulled off a successful Halloween Parade this year at Point Marion Park.  Popcorn and hot chocolate were available for parade goers, and bonfires kept everyone warm.

Updated Water Meter Reading System

We recently updated our water meter reading system for use with the latest smart meter technology.

Police Department Reopens

We have reopened the Point Marion police department and have hired two new officers. For contact info for the PMPD, click here.

Utility Upgrades

Water Treatment Upgrades

It's been a busy year for utility upgrades.  At the water treatment plant we installed new tank liners and new media in the trident tanks which filter water coming into town.  We rebuilt the filtration system for public water.  And we installed a security camera system.

Sewage Plant Upgrades

We've updated several major components of sewage processing, including new pumps, new electrical, new boiler system, new generator, and an alarm system. Also, West Penn Power updated their main service line into the sewage plant.

Bike Racks Installed

Point Marion now features a series of bike racks for visitors and residents alike.  Current bike rack locations are in front of the following local businesses: Riverside Diner, Subway, Clarmac's, and Point Marion Park.

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Our town is known for it's rich history and scenic wilderness.

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